Looking for a DNA 60 board to replace a bad DNA 30 Advice/Source

Hey all, I buy broken mods from time to time and fix them for friends and such. I got my first DNA mod (Beyond Vape Solara DNA30) and thought it may be a bad 510 or battery or something simple. The board seems to be the issue. It will only let you take a 3 […]

Diabetes info please help

Is there anything in VG-PG or the flavoring mixtures that would cause a jump in suger levels? My friends suger levels went up and the only thing he has changed was he started vaping, i tolgd him im sure that it wasn't from vaping but just want to know for sure so anyone out there […]

Check out this Doc about E cigs. Amazing stuff man!

Check this out….answers a lot of health related questions. Look at the laboratory lung testing!

Hello everyone, have one question about buying e-cigars.

Hello everyone, This is Tina, new comer, smoking habits bothers me for a long time and really want to quit. Any suggestions where to buy it online? Too much ads about it, I just feel dizzy. Just saw tinydeal sales vaping devices also, has anyone bought from him? https://www.tinydeal.com/vaping-devices-c-121_1919.html

Athena Pride DNA250

Came across this beauty powered by Evolv DNA250 chipset and triple 18650 batteries … Athena Pride DNA250


1.Chip: Evolv DNA 75 2.Size: 90*35*48mm 3.Power: 1.0W – 75W 4.Output Voltage: 2V-6.2V 5.Replaceable 26650/18650 battery 6.TC wire: Ti;Ni200;SS316 7:TC range: 200~600℉, 100~300℃ Comes in 2 versions 1- Aluminum stoving varnish Color: Black/Blue/Red Retails around $90 … ATHENA PRIDE Evolv DNA 75

VG Intolerance Question

Hi all, I'm a new vaper and have been using the standard 50/50 PG/VG blend. I really like it, but sometimes I wheeze and my chest feels tight, especially when I'm chain vaping at night. No issues with hives or sore throat, and I used to have childhood asthma, so I figure it's the VG. […]

Lets discuss studies!!!!

So I was looking at some studies that suggest at certain temperatures the levels of formaldyde increase to unsafe level (seriously 430c is where your coil would probably be glowing red and burning the cotton I think) Would that mean chain vaping on a sub ohm would cause the same reaction? Its quite plausible considering […]

Vaping Survey – please help health scientists understand successful vaping habits.

Dear Vapers, I would like to enlist the experience and expertise in your community and forum! If you have a few minutes, please complete this anonymous survey we created to learn about vaping e-cig habits. Feel free to share! : ADDED BY ADMIN: This survey is from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Project http://www.sepatobaccofree.org/ [COLOR=rgb(255, […]

Tc – battery safety

Hi, my VTC mini has arrived! Its tiny, and though I wasn't expecting much I quite like the Ego One Mega. Its about the same size as my kabuki but holds just short of 5ml liquid. Only problem is its really difficult to see how much liquid is left. So now I want to try […]


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