Cottage cheese lungs

After vaping short-term but doing it a lot we all know that the that the vapor e-juice creates a vapor mist that's mostly water or all water that can be consumed and it goes into your lungs and in a short-term it causes what's called cottage cheese long does anybody know anything about this because […]

A Little FDA Progress at least

I found this quite interesting and hope you guys would too! FDA Looking to Move Smokers Toward E-Cigarettes http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/fda-looking-move-smokers-toward-e-cigarettes-n787491

Juul and potential health risks

Hey guys just wondering if there are any severe or long lasting health risks with heavy nic pod devices such as a juul. Could I be looking at potential liver problems or lung damage? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

What an absolute pleasant surprise! The EHPRO Mod 101

I forgot I had ordered this as it was like almost 2 months ago using fasttech regular shipping (note to self, always upgrade shipping in future). Since the death of provape, their lack of proper TC, and the fact i would never pay that much for a mod, I have been searching for a 22mm […]

Ni200 coil gets too hot intermittently

I wrap spaced single 26ga spaced coil ni200 8-9wrap 3.5mm diameter, about .10 ohms (+/1- .02). Lava box DNA 75 temp set at 440F, 35W. Using my favorite Avocado24 bottom air, for weeks and perfect vape. But lately it was vaping fine then I come back and its firing way too hot! I have to […]

A discussion about Diketones, Acetoin and popcorn lung. Help me figure this out.

So like many of you I took up vaping because I wanted to stop the amount of damage I was doing to my body through smoking. Everything (in my mind at least) seemed to point to vaping being less harmful than tobacco. I mean there were some scare stories that kept coming out and I […]

TC – protect or maintain?

I have a mod in the post that is capable of TC. I've been reading lots and watching lots of videos. Some stuff I've looked at, talks about TC in the same terms as the 10 second cut off. The assumption behind this seems to be that, during a puff, the coils ability to consume […]

Vaping and Celiac disease

I just signed up for this site and upon entering, saw an advertisement for an ejuice that claimed to be gluten free. As someone who suffers from Celiac it was nice to see but alsona first. How common is it for juices to have gluten in them? I don't know why this didn't occur to […]

Question about Mouth to Lung

Just wondering what is actually happening when you do a mouth to lung hit with a sub ohm tank. Does the vapor just condense in the lungs? Or what happens and is it just as safe as a lung hit? I have a smok stick v8 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

ecigs health ask

Is ecig bad for heaith or good for health? I do not know,who can tell me ?

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