Endovex is open from its official site and there are a couple discounts available on your solicitations. Being a man, you have to perform well in the room and keep up the sexual vitality for quite a while. Taking characteristic weight control plans can truly help you in boosting the sexual execution as it were. […]

Setting up TC Mode for the first time

Hello all, I have been vaping for quite a while now thoroughly enjoying VW mode on every mod and tank I have come to own. I decided that I want to try TC mode out because I hear that it is really good for flavor. So I want to ask more experienced members of the […]

Feeling sick after water intake is normal?

Hey guys, So I'm a new vaper less than a week in and I've b en trying to do research but nothing is popping up. Me being the paranoid freak I am when I heard I needed to drink more water I started to drink bottles of it. As I was taking a couple of […]

Yihi TC

Hi, which chip yihi and box model(brand) is one of the best for TC(for ss316l) in your opinion.

Joyetech Ocular C

I recently ordered this Ocular C. Got it here for a great price, Ocular C by Joyetech | 150W Touchscreen Box Mod (All Colors Now IN STOCK). It shipped yesterday and I can't wait to play with it with all its extras that comes with it. I don't know if I will use the extra […]

Smoking vs. Vaping – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This thread is about FACTS. Hard core graphics, videos, and snippets to help us and new Vapers realize just how dangerous smoking really is and how vaping truly is our salvation. This is not a discussion thread. Contributions to this thread, especially visuals are encouraged. At the end of this video it lists all chemicals […]

It’s About Time! Pico 25mm!

I'll just leave this here: iStick Pico 25 with ELLO – Eleaf electronic cigarette

Why are they called ecigs?

I always thought calling ecigs was a bad move until I read the explanation . *http://www.ecigarette-politics.com/why-it-s-called-an-e-cigarette-and-e-smoking.html *Article posted originally by Rolygate at www.ecigarette politics.com

Vaping and nerve pain.

Sooo… Nerve damage/pain. Oh well. Smoked off and on. Like smoking… HATE tobacco. Started up again, said I was going to quit, switched to vaping. I like vaping, and it's not tobacco. I figure if nic vapor is it, I see no point in quitting. So, the point? Smoking didn't do anything to my pain. […]

p4y ipv6x needs firmware update

There is no wayto lock the MOD you have to turn system off, when do you think there will be an update if any at all?

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