The Rebel and Boxer 3D printed APV Box Mods Thread.

I have 3D printed Rebel DNA75 26650/18650 Box Mod on order from esauce in the U.K. After vaping for 7 years it will be my first "high end" mod, my first experience with an Evolv chipset boarded device, and will also be my first APV that uses 26650 batteries. I had also considered the… The […]

Voopoo Drag

There is a new mod out, by Voopoo called the Drag, or Drag 157W (which happens to be its max wattage). It looks like a simple, but not unattractive design…..the standard dual 18650 box with some accents and beveling on the corners and edges. One panel is carbon fiber, the other side has the mod […]

Government approval licence to sell home made Vape Juice

If you make your own flavoured vape juice and wanted to sell to the public. Do you need some kind of gov approval or licence?

Is five pawns safe????

I'm vaping right now on my favorite flavor of all time, which happens to be a Five Pawns juice (gambit) In reading all these stories on their lawsuit and the health effects of the chemicals used in their juice, should I just empty this right now and not go back? I don't want popcorn lung, […]

Tesla Nano 120Watt Steampunk Edition- TC with SS316?

I'm thinking about purchasing this mod because I love the Steampunk Styling. I just bought a Reuleaux DNA250 which is also Steampunk. It's the first Mod I've ever used that successfully works with Dual Coil SS. I like the TC experience. Only thing holding me back is does the Tesla Work TC with SS316? Yes […]

Kangertech Nebox Temp Control

hi what do u all think of this vape? What are the pros and cons of this vape? And how much is this worth? Someone is charging me $200 dollars for this.

Very ominous message on a vape bottle.

I usually get the house stuff from my local b&m, but today, I decided to get some of the of-the-shelf stuff. Got home with it and saw this on the back: It's a brand called Bazooka and the same message is on both its Sour Apple and Strawberry flavors (very good btw). Could be an […]

short of breath dizziness and numbness

i started vaping a year ago and before that i was a smoker i smoked like 3 years or smth 4 weeks ago while i had my morning coffee i was vaping suddenly it hit me hard in the throat and i started coughing then my chest felt tight i had SOB, dizzines nausea and […]

Charon TC by Smoant

Smoant is soon to release its first firmware update able TC mod called the Charon 218 TC. Charon is a dual 18650 series mod that retains a relatively compact size in conjunction with interesting and customizable features. Available in Black, Gold, Copper & Stainless Steel frames in RDTA Mod Kit, RTA Mod Kit, & Mod […]

Ear Ringing??

My ears started to ring after started vaping, this happens when i have lot of coffee or alcohol but its very low noise and goes away after hours of time. but after vaping it didn't stop for 2 months now(one side of the ear ringing but some times both starts to ring also when i […]

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