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So I read something on how vaping can cause lung cancer , emphysema, copd, and cancer and all of that stuff. Do we know this forsure? I know that I tried smoking a cigarette yesterday and I took two hits and I couldn't breathe and i'm only 22 years old! now I don't have a […]

RX 2/3 and the 510 Connector

Does anyone know if they resolved the 510 connector issue for the RX series, specifically, does the RX 2/3 have issues with the TFV8 tank? I'm looking at this or an Alien since I'll be using my TFV8 tank on this more often than not. Let me know what you think, especially since I don't […]

Some advice

Im now under treatment of tuberculosis. I already stop smoking for 4 months now (ive been smoker for just 3-4 yrs 5 sticks a day). I just want to ask you vapers if its okay for me who is taking antibiotics(tb medicines) to vape. Or if im cured with tb (hopefully, with prayers) and i […]

TC Issues With 316L

Okay guys I've recently acquired an Hcigar VT133, have been having mixed results with it on TC for 316L. Only when I do exotic coils does it work properly, right now I have a 6 wrap 22g at .34ohms locked in, and when I fire it, it says "OFF" where it should show temperature. But […]

Eleaf Pico Dual

Eleaf is releasing a new two-battery version of the Pico. 200w (still too much for two batteries), 1.5 amp charging with the separate sold Avatar quick charger (seems to be a 12v 5a charger, but don't quote me on that), and can be used as a power bank with an included attachment, and takes up […]

Wismec RX300

Wismec has been busy this year! The newest model looks amazing. Quad battery with individual battery bars on the screen, upgradeable firmware and multiple protection features. It's available in black or silver but it does come with "stickers" so you can change up the color and protect the mod. Oh and did I mention that […]

Sleepless ???

After i started vaping i tend to wake up pretty easily, even for small sounds :/ after that i cant fall back to sleep. This happened to any of you guys?

Vapors tongue

Any tricks to get rid of it besides mouthwash and is it dangerous at all? Me and my girlfriend both have numb tongues and have been vaping a few weeks. I smoke a few cigarettes a day still and her zero. I'd hate to give up vaping because Its helped me so much with smoking.

Weight Gain

Fortunately I was able to stop smoking thanks to vaping (I love it) Unfortunately, I have gained considerable weight since I started vaping (6/16/16). I have gained 40 lbs. Has anyone else had a significant weight gain???? At first I thought it was a new medication my Dr. put me on and the cortisone injection […]

In your country is vaping so harmful like Russia?

Hello! English is not my native language and I know it pretty bad, so, I can not google it well. I know that a lot of people care about vaping affects on health, but in Russia, in 1st channel we know from crazy (as I think) old Woman Malysheva and most popular tv-doctor these facts […]

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