Vaporshark DNA75

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Presa 100 TC New Update

Finally (took'em long enough), Wismec has seen fit to give us an Update for our Presa 100 TC's. Here's what the change log says: Dated 10/26/2016 TC Software 1.10 Firmware V4.03 "Display interface modified, customo logo and preheat funciton available." Here's the link: Wismec TC Software for Upgrading Presa TC100W – Wismec Electronics Co.,Ltd The […]

Vape Terminology and Definitions

A Adapter – An adapter allows a certain atomizer or cartomizer to fit a different battery than the standard. Analog – A traditional cigarette that takes a flame. APV – Advanced personal vaporizer. Generally requires separate batteries, tanks, and atomizers. Can be mechanical or electrical. Atomizer or Atty – One of the central components of […]

Seiko 316 Kabuki Steel Atomizer

RBA P3 Universal Atomizer going at $17! http://www.madeinchina.com/pd/seiko-316-steel-kabuki-e-cigarette-atomizer-rba-p3-universal-bvc-atomizing-core-123144#.WBC03C197IV

Hcigar vt133 or therion dna133 Which to get?

Looking at picking up a new DNA device – I have a hc vt200 and an hc v75 – I'm really looking into getting a dual 18650 dna200/133 device -being able to carry an extra set of batteries and ease of swapping batteries is a plus – any help in deciding – pros and cons […]

Headache’s without Nicotine!

Alright i need some help. I am 18 and have never smoked anything in my life. I was just curious and just started using disposable ecigs from gas stations (0 nicotine). I liked them so i went to a vape shop and got a Joyetech eGo AIO. I am using the 0% eliquid. but every […]

Spam reports

http://vapingunderground.com/threads/do-this-when-you-see-spam.201994/ Hey VUers! Ever see the gibberish posts throughout the day, and especially, late at night? We do our best to remove these as soon as we see them, but when you happen to run across those, please use the REPORT button. DON'T reply to those, even as silly and funny as they may be. […]

Dose e-cigurates cause tremors?

I seem to have tremors after 9 months of happing e-cigurattes my nicotine level is 12ML will that cause tremors (body shacking)?

Vaping and asthma

Trying to get my wife to quit smoking but last time she tryed vaping it made her cough. I tryed explaining it to her that just happens to some new to vaping. She does have asthma and I'm just wondering if anyone out there that vapes has asthma. How did it affect your asthma? I […]

DNA167 mods

Any idea when most manufacturers are planning to release these? Might as well as wait for these compared to the DNA133 mods. Looking forward to the reverse protection for my ham hands, 2 amp charging and dual batteries!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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