Help! Temp control has gone crazy!

Setup: –Hcigar VT75 (DNA 75) -Taifun GT II (RTA) -3 wraps of 28ga SS 430, 3mm ID (~0.5 ohms) -15 watts / 450f with 30 watt preheat. -Samsung 18650 (25R) Ok, so I just wanted to change my coil last night. Did everything like normal during the coil change, take a vape and it is […]

Silicone sleeve for Evic Basic

Looking forward to getting a Evic Basic that I ordered yesterday. I could have sworn I saw a silicone sleeve available but after searching again cannot find one. Using these on my Cuboid and VTC Mini and they still look new unlike my Kanger Subbox that has very little paint left on it not using […]

YIHI SX550J G+ Class

Powered by the YiHi SX550J+ processor. . TFT ips display . Bluetooth App Control . Joystick control . It is dual 18650 battery device,which maximum can reach to 200 watts but small size . Variable Joule(Temperature control) support all TC wire,SS/Ti/Ni… . Support all Atomizers with SX Pure technology. . Romovable battery. . Support to […]

Over dramatic Mother

Hey guys I'd like your feedback and opinions on claims that my mom has been making for awhile. In order to understand I'll give you a little info on my situation. I've been vaping for 3 years around all sorts of people and the only complaint is the big cloud of smoke that the wind […]

Vaping Ecigs Vapers Cough

VAPING is not HEALTHY for your Lungs is a lie they are telling you I have found out many people go to hospital from vaping coughing etc.. I vaped for 2 years before finding out I have Lung Cancer.. In this 2 years I quit a year before quitting this last time due to coughing […]

Nicotene level in cigarettes

I've seen several people ask the question "how much nic is in an analog" and I don't recall anybody having a definite answer. I found a chart that shows the nicotene level, amount of tar, and carbon monoxide present in most popular brands of tobacco cigarettes. It's not a complete list by any means, but […]

NEW here

hello friends i am new here i have my own deals store hopefully i can give you some discount on products and items.

Hohmwrecker G2 Kanthal/NiCr TC issues (fully updated firmware)

I got a Hohmwrecker G2 a few weeks ago with a busted USB port from ecig.com, who were really helpful once I contacted them BUT ran out of the color I wanted by the time they were ready to ship out again. I ended up getting a refund and having to track down another G2 […]

Sigelei Fuchai 213 – Am I the only one satisfied with it?

So I recently stopped by my local B&M looking to buy a replacement for my Kanger Topbox Mini that I recently broke. I was looking for something something that was a step up from the Topbox, had TC settings for stainless or customizable TCR settings, and wanted to move up to a 2 battery mod. […]

Totally new to Vaping – Pack a day Dunhill blue smoker – 0mg Nicotine Vape

Hello all, I just got into the vaping scene and have been loving it. First kit I ordered is the 'Kangertech' Subvod megastarter 2300mAh. I was skeptical at getting a 3mg nicotine liquid but I opted for a strawberry 0mg nicotine 80/20 VG/PG ratio one. Been puffing at it like a madman when I get […]

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