Feeling like garbage

Good evening everyone, So I am here to seek answers to my current health status with vaping. I have been cig free and vaping for 15 days now. I started with a simple AIO vape pen and found the device was getting to hot for my liking. I then moved to a E Leaf system […]

RX 2/3 Owner’s Thread

I didn't see one, so here it is! I feel like this model is sufficiently different to warrant its own thread, but if not please remove or merge. I own an original RX200 which is still working dandy (I'm probably lucky that I don't use SMOK tanks…) and reviewed the 200S, but don't own one. […]

Water in lungs from vaping

I have a friend who still uses analogs. I tried to get him to try vaping but he said he did and got water in his lungs. I'm assuming the nicotine has like a sticky waterproofing effect on the linings in your lungs or something. Does anyone know what causes that? Thanks.

Vapor Flask V3 DNA40 Clone thread

Since these are now in the market and several ECF members have these or have ordered these, I reckon it'd be a good idea to start a new thread about the newer DNA40 clone devices, and leave the old thread to the DNA30 V2. I'll try to keep this original post updated, but I expect […]

Hugo 133 – surprisingly nice!

Got my Hugo 133 in yesterday, and have really been impressed with it. I love the form factor – chunky and stable on the desktop, but very comfortable to hold. There are plastic inserts on the back and sides that are textured to give it excellent grip. The feature set is pretty complete, with TC […]

How bad is vaping compared to not smoking/vaping at all?

I mean as in how detrimental is it to one's health, not compared to smoking, but compared to not doing anything at all? (I've tried smoking a cigarette or 2 before and I didn't like it, the burning paper, the way they tasted etc but I think vaping might be for me) How bad would […]

Bad nicotine causes vape tired/sleepy/fatigue

So, I'm really new to vaping but I've been reading and experimenting a TON over the last month. I've been suffering from fatigue since I started, especially not wanting to get out of bed in the morning which is not like me at all. I've read a bunch of forum threads on the subject and […]

"Fluttery" feeling in chest?

Not new to vaping. In fact, I've been smoking a 1.8% mix (50pg/50vg) for the last TWO YEARS. Zero problems unless I got over excited or stressed and chain-vaped for a while. Then I'd end up with a foggy, dizzy feeling that would often require a nap before I felt better. Before vaping, I smoked […]

How E-Cigarettes Work? (Infographic)

By Smoking Vapors Right click on the image and open it in new tab. Then click zoom to see it clearly (for Chrome).

Feeling "a stoned buzz" from vaping?

I started vaping due to huge urges to smoke, i used to smoke **** heavily, and the addiction never slided after 3 years i always had it, so decided to vape instead to try curb the urges, and it worked, its now been a couple weeks and im starting to feel a high from it […]

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