Bestfire batteries?

Has anyone heard of these Bestfire batteries? I saw them on e-bay but I can’t find anything else about them. They have 30, 60, and 90 amp 26650 batteries. And danger from 3500mah to 6000 mah. If anyone knows anything about Bestfire please let me know. I’m currently using purple efest 3500mah 64amp batteries but […]

Kanger KBOX 40w

ASnyone tried this mod? I have the Kanger Gravity 20 Watts and I have been really happy with it but I want to try out higher Watts and thinking on this one.

Just Lazy

Seems I am getting lazy in my old age, or just smarter.  Not sure. All I know is my poor eyes can take a break.         Nicely coiled 1.5 ohm ( 1.4 when I attach to my Russian posts ) A package of 50 and all are usable. ( $2.86 at FT ) […]

Are rebuilds going to be dead?

Talk it out, whats everyone think? These mod box battery’s, temp control, new coils, lower sub ohm capability. Are the RBA/RDA going to be a thing of the past? Thing’s are coming out to fast. These company’s are after every extra penny we got this year lol    Whats everyone’s thoughts? 

Question about VTC4s and my new build… Am I safe?

I have a Sigelei 100+ mod with two VTC4 batts in it. My current build is .15ohm. Looking at steam engine that should be fine as I have a 20% headroom, but since my mod is dual batts, that is actually 40% headroom right? I have read ohms law, and every other sticky I can […]

Money, Meet Mouth

Ok, I decided to put my money where my mouth is.  I’ve been saying that nicotine isn’t necessarily the bad guy in tobacco products as the government and ‘experts’ would have you believe.  I’ve been vaping 18 mg nicotine since I started seriously over 2 years ago and that’s primarily because that’s the strongest readily […]

Help with charging seglie 50w

I have a Segeli 50 W and I’ve been charging it through the USB port thinking I could charge it is that not okay to charge it should I just get a battery charger

Battery Opinion

Ok guys question my local vape shop only carries this battery I was wondering if any you have it/used it.       http://www.orbtronic.com/batteries-chargers/hybrid-imr-18650-30a-orbtronic-sx30-ultra-high-drain-rechargeable-li-ion-battery   They also carry this charger.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/TrustFire-TR-001-Battery-Charger-For-18650-18500-17670-16340-14500-10440-Black-/301022059667?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368             Rixter recommended me getting the Efest 18650 but I cant order anything online just yet

MVP 3.0 30 Watt

Hey,   I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience, positive or negative with the MVP 3.0?  I have had a couple issues with Innokin products and am considering banning the brand from my arsenal.

Silicone covers for the Sigelei mini 30w?

Anybody know where to buy them? I’m not talking about the stick on skins, but the gel covers like the one that came with it. I tried searching google but no luck. Just picked up the 30w today and they now come with clear covers which I’m not a fan of. My Sigelei is red, […]

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