Proof of Concept

Yesterday in a moment of insanity or senility, I left to fetch lunch and go banking I forgot my vaping supplies.  When I got to the first corner I felt in my pocket and found ……….. nothing.   I a quick fit of panic I headed toward the roundabout to return to get my stash. […]


Been vaping for around two years now but only got into rebuildables about 2 weeks. Vape gear is growing

Follow Up on Battery Discharge/Recharge Levels.

I always try to look for a gearhead analogy to help my feeble brain understand things.  I remember when I got my first car that had a voltmeter instead of an ammeter.  I think it was in a 1973 Pontiac Grand Am.  It had reverted to full gauges from idiot lights.  All my early 1950s […]

Sports Colors

Since I am a UGA fan, thought I’d get a set up for watching the games here in VOL country, lol. Red Nemesis with a brushed Silver Russian91 on top. Also thinking about the all black Nemesis with a Black Russian clone for when the team wears the Black uniform. Anyone else have a rig […]

How low do you go ? 50? 40 ? 30?

For those who use regulated box mods with battery indicator:  How low do you go with with the battery indicator before swapping them out for fresh ones. Currently i have not gone below 50%.  I dont this for a specific reason, but perhaps safety and not to over drain the batteries.  

Aspire ESP30W + Aspire Atlantis 2 = not working

Was so excited today to get my new Aspire ESP30W + Aspire Atlantis 2.  When I juiced up, charged up, and vaped up, it didnt fire.  I got an error that says “Check Atomizer”.   I removed the tank, removed the coil and reattached everything.  Same error.  I had ordered 2 Atlantis’ so I tried […]

Think I got a convert today

Was sitting at my toolbox vaping away when a long time customer walked up to me and asked “What kinda thing are you using it makes a nice big cloud compared to the one Im using”. I showed him my i23 and mini naut  he says “Mine dont look like that it looks like a […]

Visited an old friend

I had lots of time today and was tidying up some of my vape supplies and ran across an old friend. His name is Russian 91%. I dusted him off, washed him thoroughly and threw in a 26ga 8 warp .8ohm coil, added some raspberry and cream ejuice and I’m in vaping nirvana. Wow! This […]

Two Year Vaperversary!

Well today marks two years since a nasty analog touched my lips. I like others have said sort of see this as the last major milestone in my journey to leave tobacco behind. It’s no longer a struggle it’s simply a way of life at this point. I thought instead of patting myself on the […]

Hey Reomauts

I’ll see you on the other side. :evil::evil::evil::evil: LOL

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