Are Mech Mods Going The Way of The DoDo?

With the advent of high watt VV/VW units, do you think mech mods will soon go away?

Istick 50w firing by itself, take two

I tried to repond this thread, but it would only allow me to post in this area. Not sure why, as I signed up in 2010. Anyway, I wanted to add to the "Istick 50W firing by itself" thread, that this is happening to mine as well. Its not even 2 weeks old and and […]

Vaping slang and acronyms

The world of vaping has its own language. You don’t have to use it – it’s not a legal requirement, even if sometimes it seems that way 🙂 However, it helps if you know what all that stuff means – so here are some links to explanations of acronyms (words made from initial letters), abbreviations […]

Vape Bash 4!

Here at Cignot we are getting psyched for Vape Bash 4! In honor of the annual vape celebration we will be bringing in some new exciting items! Keep your eyes peeled! Don’t forget mark your calendars for April 17th and 18th. For more info check out; Welcome to VapeBash.com

e cigs now linked to drinking

http://www.webmd. com/smoking-cessation/news/20150331/e-cigs-tied-to-drinking-other-risky-teen-behaviors I’d suggest we start naming names: http://www.cph.org. uk/people/karenhughes/

FDA: Friend or Foe When It Comes to E-Cig Regulations?

The FDA has recently issued a proposed rule to extend the agency’s tobacco authority to cover additional products that meet the legal definition of a tobacco product, such as e-cigarettes. Taken directly from the FDA website product is defined as: “The term "tobacco product" means any product made or derived from tobacco that is intended […]

Wicking the Kanger Subtank Mini?

I recently got the Kanger Subtank Mini and after a couple days and the stock OCC not tasting very good I decided to try the RBA. Currently using the prebuilt coil(which is .5 according to my sigelei) running at 21.5w. Anyway, my question is how often do you rewick your RBA on the kanger mini? […]

Gold anodize mods

SL/LP Gold ano grands are on the site for those that were asking for it . I don’t have solid gold listed on the site . I have gold black and black gold combos . If you want a solid gold ano mod just pm me your email and what you want I can make […]

Is one component of e-liquid more greasy than the other?

After even only a short time of vaporing, especially with the more powerful devices, my face feels like I’ve been bobbing for apples in a vat of baby oil. Also, my keyboard, eyeglasses, windows (or whatever) develop a greasy film in no time at all. This film draws dust like a magnet and generally is […]

New vaper

For starting vaping,wich is better:Vision Spinner 2 or MVP 2.0 (11wat)? Along with wich tank it`s better for using?

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