An informal poll for ex-smokers

Did you quit smoking by using e-cigs? Do you still use analogs? Are you likely to use analogs again? Thanks for the input!

Cotton bacon snapping and popping

Hi guys I’ve been wondering why when I fire my vape up does it crackle and pop? I’m using gwar spew juice with a 50/50 blend in a copper penny mod with a dark horse rda with cotton bacon. I’m sitting at .29 ohms with a vtc4 battery any ideas?

For all my recipes, and updates as I make them……

Visit MarvelMyxer’s recipes | dot1ml If you care I see it being much easier to give you a link here and I will update it as I add recipes to the site. Most recently I added one called M.O.D.O.K. its a pretty tasty PB&J recipe. Enjoy, I will update this thread anytime I add a […]

Hi everyone!

Hi to all! I quitted cigarettes 6 months ago and this is, for me, the biggest victory in my life, so far! I wonder often how could I have been so stupid and smoking all those years! In a short time I had to come to terms with a whole new world: vaping. Now, I […]

DNA 40 Powered REO Grand

Well, all I have left to do is a little waterproofing, and she’ll be 100%. That’s actually what I’ll be doing for the next little while, so I’ll be away from the computer… I just wanted to go ahead and post it up before I apply the Ice Resin to the screen. It’s a 3 […]

itaste clk 1280

Can anyone tell me why on my i taste clk 1280 the green light is flashing twice, yellow once, and the red once. This just keeps repeating over and over is it defected? This is all new to me.

Alternatives to Cloupor Mini

A while ago I posted a thread (http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/for…ni-issues.html) where I had some problems with my recently purchased Cloupor Mini. It has now gone full retarded on me and is non-functional. The eBay seller seems like a reasonable guy and offered me a full refund within minutes of me alerting him to the issue. Now I […]

Genny + nickel wire advice.

I got me a DNA40 flask and want to set my Genny up with some ss and take advantage of the temp control…. Who here has done it? I’m playing with a TI steam turbine & a VA Kraken. Probably irrelevant, but just thought I would share. I love my dual coil SS builds…. If […]

Vape Mail, and boy was I wrong about the Kanger Subtank!

vm.jpg First off… as an Atlantis fanboy, and never caring for any Kanger products I was surprised by the Subtank… very surprised! I got a little carried away on the Classifieds section and got 3 of them and a few packs of extra coils. Holy smokes… great flavor from the first puff… Atlantis is good […]

Lightweight Mod?

What are some good options for a lightweight mechanical mod?

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