There seems to be a testimonial posted to this forum almost weekly, but usually disguised under someone’s introductory post, and occasionally I use the search function to find scattered testimonials.  Seems to me there should be a thread dedicated specifically to testimonials about how someone’s life has been effected by vaping.  I don’t mean […]

Eleaf iStick

ELeaf iStick https://www.eleafus.com/battery/eleaf-istick.html     I think it is too early for a full blown review, but would like to let you know my findings so far.   (of course as long winded as I am this will be longer than most reviews)   This little thing rocks!   It is tiny, but fits the […]

No Where Near That

I just posted about quitting vaping because lately here there have been people who’ve posted about thinking about quitting vaping.  People here whose posts I’ve read carefully because they are thoughtful, intelligent, interesting and most of all entertaining.  Maybe this is just evolution in action.   I’m no where near that yet if ever.  I started […]

Quitting Yet Again?

I have to admit to a certain resentment I used to feel towards people who’d successfully quit smoking.  Like maybe they were like the rats deserting the sinking ship.  Leaving the club.  Traitors to the cause.  Or maybe just totally jealous of those who could do what I couldn’t.  I would of course cover by […]

Reo Doors?

How many of y’all have purposely bent the door on your reo for a tighter fit? I haven’t but I’m thinking about it.

Saw this thing on my Google+ about eBay removing ecig products.

They removed some guys Kanger stuff because Kanger makes ecig products and since ecigs concern the FDA they were taking down as many Kanger products as they could. I just don’t get it. That’s like banning condoms and birth control because you’re worried about teen pregnancy. Discussion? Facts? Truth? Opinions?

Is my DNA 40 on its way?

Just curious if anyone has shipping notification from Vaporshark yet on their new DNA 40’s? I pre ordered mine on the 15th, ship date was supposed to be the 28th, but I heard they were delayed. I’m hoping to find more info today.


Whats up guys? New to the site. So…hi.

I’m using Kayfun Lite V2 Clone, wtith Tobacco flavour from Joytech and I’m getting no vapor – Help

Here’s some pics of my coil: 20141030_110052.jpg 20141030_110858.jpg 20141030_111906.jpg 20141030_112145.jpg Is my coil ok? I tried with my DIY juice 20/80 PG/VG based, even 10/90. I got more vapor from Joyetech, wich is 80/20 PG/VG ratio and got more vapor from that. I just don’t get it. Now that i changed batteries from a Samsung […]

VAMP 40 amp!

Anyone got some info on these new VAMP 40 amp 18650 black wrap batteries? My local B&M is selling them, for $14 bucks a pop (more like poop) 😆 !!!

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