My first time ecig purchasing and using experience, horrible, disgusted, help!

According to ECF I can’t start a thread. But I’m not sure where to post this content because I can not find a thread that is unlocked and relevant to my experience. It’s a brand and generally new user experience I’ve had in this last sixty days or so. The best I could do is […]

Ex-smokers turned vapers…

Do you consider yourself a smoker or nonsmoker? And how long have you been off the cigs? Just curious…:confused:

Websit quit working

For a week this particular websit quit working. I use IE11. I had just started using firefox and gooogle and then I would get a can’t load error on this wesit. I had to go back to last months image to get it to work. I had been using chrom and firefox a tiny bit. […]

Sigelei 100w or IPV3???

I have both pre-ordered, and don’t need nor want both. I need to figure out ASAP which unit will be the best buy for my hard earned money. IPV3 has floating 510 pin has buck up and buck down on chip no magnet back panel Sigelei 100w does not have buck down on chip has […]

New to Vaping

Ok, so I’m new to both Vaping and using forums, but I’m really happy I started out here. I can honestly say that in the week or so I’ve been using my ecig, I haven’t had a single cigarette.. This is incredible for for me.. I’ve been trying for a while to quit, but no […]

Steampunk SX350 mod

I’ve been waiting to post this one until i delivered it to my customer. Didnt want to ruin the surprise since some of his employees are on here. My first chipped build and looks like i will be making more of these things 😀 Dont mind the two missing screws around the display, they have […]

Cloupor DNA 30 Problem

I was charging my Cloupor last night while I slept and when I woke up this morning I took it off the charger. When I hit the fire button nothing displays on the screen anymore it is just completely black. It will still fire and I am able to vape but I need to be […]

I’m amazed at the difference.

Just got my new Astro mech mod clone and really pleased with it for the price. So I’ve been playing with that and and my mukey, and my iclear 30 and 30b clearo’s with the same liquid out of the same bottle in both. The difference in taste and warmth is amazing. Ok the clearo’s […]

Los Angeles Vapor Co Eric Trotter Interview (ECC 2014)

http://blip.tv/rpadtv/los-angeles-va…c-2014-7041329 The Force Vapors CEO Eric Trotter talks about the most recent addition to The Force line and the brand new Los Angeles Vapor Co line in this ECC 2014 interview. More ECC 2014 coverage.

Aerotank Turbo now in stock! Only $35.95!

Kanger Aerotank Turbo – Twin DCT Glassomizer at The Vapor Station – only $35.95! Our latest batch of Aerotank Turbos have arrived! These are genuine Kangertech manufactured Aerotank Turbos with the innovative twin dual coil system! You’ll be seeding clouds with this amazing new Glassomizer system! Be sure to use coupon code VSFIVE to save […]

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