Dripper clone goto.

Last I checked a few months back the Magma was the goto recommendation I got. This still true? I did hear its not designed for low ohm builds, will it do .6-.9 ohms fine? Any airflow modifications need done? How about a better recommendation? Where to buy it?

Thinking of buying on E Bay

I want an Aspire mini BAD. Checked ebay and a seller has them at 25$ free ship. Little reluctant to order from the ebay-anyone bought from this seller –vapenw . He/she has a very high rating but i suppose if you end up with a bad one, you lose.  Looking for advice.  Paul

kayfun help

I’m going to buy a new tank and am looking at the Kay fun but can’t decide on which one to buy. There’s the Kay fun lite,lite plus,lite 3.1 and don’t know the difference. I see they make a clone that’s cheaper but is it worth it? Pleas help.

tank question

Im using a pro tank 3 and I’m having trouble rebuild it because the tube where the coils are is very hard to wrap a 28 gauge kanthal. Is there a tank that has a wider tube that will fit a good sized 28 gauge coil? I like 2.5 ohm and is it gonna be […]

26650 mods

Hi bros, just enquiring if any bros have tried vaping with 26650 mods. Are there any differences compared to vaping with the 18650 mods? Think of getting 26650 mods n batteries.

Buzzing battery

I run a Sigelei V2 with paired 18350 batteries. I have a single Sigelei charger that I have to, obviously, charge one at a time. Recently one battery in particular has started to make a slight hum or buzzing sound in the charger. That’s never happened with any of these before. I took it out […]

New Guy in Town.

So I’m new to this forum. Currently I’m vaping on a VaporShark DNA-30 with a Russian 91%. Generally I’ve got a micro coil at about 1.2-1.5 ohms and vape comfortably at 16-18 watts. I love my regulated mods, however I’m thinking about getting into mechs and RDAs for some ‘cloud chasing’ in my down time. […]

hello Im new here

any assistance will be gratly appreciated

Counterfeit protank 3 and coils

Hey guys and gals. I wasn’t sure where to post this so figured this was a good place. I picked up a protank 3 today from a vape shop I found a few block from my apt. I had asked the guy if it was authentic and he honestly said he wasn’t sure. He mainly […]

up grade

I am using a itaste vv 3 at the moment and I love it. I am not going to buy anything yet but I am always looking ahead. What would be a good up grade from this one to another. I don’t want a box type one and I am not a person who fools […]

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