Aspire Nautilus or Protank 2?

I am going to buy 4 new tanks to use with my new Provari mini I am having a hard time deciding which one I should buy. Of course I want the best since this is my first mod. There is about a $10.00 difference in the price of the two. Is it worth it? […]

Greg Gutfeld. I think he could help us

  Thinking about getting some people to help me with this, If anyone could help us its this guy. If we could somehow get him to do more for vaping it would be perfect because tons of people watch his show and he tells it straight. watch how he blast those dems that want to […]

I want to try dripping with a 510 atomizer. Where do I start?

I have read quite a few tutorials, watched a few videos and I am still confused about what I need.   I plan on using an itaste VV and my eGo batteries for this.  From what I have read I need a few things but I don’t want to buy anything that is unnecessary, but […]

Kicking Nicotine

So once you kick cigarettes and you are free of their crutch how long can you expect it to take to break the nicotine in vaping?     I know cold turkey and all that.  Lets just say you wanted to step it down with the least impact in your life.  How have you all […]

MPV – juice hog?

Hi,   Relatively new to vaping – just bought an MPV 2 with a mini protank 2.  I love it! – but I have two issues.  It seems to suck juice like crazy! The guy in the store set it at the highest voltage – is that why?  which leads to my next question:   […]

RBA / RDA .. I don’t even know where to start.

Hi guys, coming up on my 1-year vaping anniversary and decided it’s time to get into rebuildables. I HAVE searched through the forum and youtube, which has given me faith that I am capable of rebuilding.. BUT…but I think I’m just on the point of information overload and choices that I’ve come to a standstill […]

Coils in an evod?

I just bought a couple of evods from ebay. They haven’t arrived yet. I don’t know if they are a single coil or dual . I do know they are glass tanks. (pyrex). But from what I’ve read on the forum there is a good chance they might be dual coil tanks. It didn’t mention […]

Hello from Houton

First time on here and registered right away. Still smoking tobacco cigarettes, but want to make the switch. I have not wrapped my head around all of the options and terminology yet, ready to vape now! dang, can’t even spell Houston right!

Will there be a SR this week ?

Got an order to make… so should I wait until Tuesday or can I go ahead now ? If there is one… anyone knows what it’ll be ?

Will be Happy when I can Sign-up Co-op to acquire an IPV!

Looking forward to being allowed to enter the co-op forum to see what kind of new "trick equipment" I may be able to save a few bucks on!

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