I think I have the sickness……

I have to get the mod and atty buying thing in check!!!!   Same thing with playing guitar. G.A.S……   …..Gear Acquisition Syndrome!!!!

Dual Coil Opinions

It seems that the general consensus re dual coils is that they are nothing to write home about. Is that true? Has anyone had any luck with dual coils or noticed a significant improvement with dual coils? If so, which ones? I thought the dual coil iclear 16s I started out with performed pretty well. […]

New tank idea?

My first clearomizer was some gas station “ego-t” I had for a week then switched to the mini kpt3 when I decided to stick with vaping but needed better gear (I thought) I like the mini kpt3 so I bought another then tried the evod 2 bc ur uses the same coils… I was thinking […]

Color Coating Coming Off? Easy Fix!

Don’t like how the color coating is wearing away??? Grab a blade and scrape it off for the stainless steel look!  Quick tip to get your device looking clean and new again!  

Conversation with Senator Isakson’s Legislative Assistant for the HELP Committee

I had a 30 – 40 minute phone conversation with US Senator Isakson’s (GA) Legislative Assistant for the the HELP Committee on the letter I sent the Senator on Senator Harkin’s committee hearing on the FDA‘s Deeming Regulations. I had not received a reply to my letter in almost a week, so I called the […]

Innokin releasing the ”Gladius”

Just saw on facebook that Innokin is releasing a new pyrex tank with adjustable airflow called the Gladius. Anyone else see this yet? Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk

If it cost government $20 billion to…

Enforce prohibition annually of a recently illegal substance. Then how much do you all think it will cost them to enforce the regulation of e-cigs? But hey, I’m sure they’ll raise taxes to help cover the costs. Really mind blowing for something with so much potential for good. If memory serves in 1927 it cost […]

Vanilla, silverback, or lunar

I have a good chunk of store credit after receiving a defective overdose by mcv mod and I need to pick a replacement soon. I’ve narrowed it down to the silverback (18650), vanilla, and lunar mod. I’ll use the remaining amount for an RDA but I can’t decide on one of these three. I feel […]

TFA Caramel

I noticed that 2 (Caramel Original, Caramel Cotton Candy) of the 3 caramel flavors at TFA, have a "Diacetyl" warning. #1 How does the 3rd one (Caramel flavor) without the warning compare with the 2 with the warning. Especially, in the context of making a tobbacco (RY4 type juice). #2 Do other manufacturers warn about […]

Converting TOBH to BF

I got in on one of those group buys for a TOBH clone and will be coming Monday. Since I’ve pretty much moved to Reos I was thinking about converting the TOBH over to BF. Has anyone converted one and have any images or instructions? I could leave it alone and use on Sigelei but […]

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