What is with this thing?

One of my last 2 survivng CE5s is giving me headaches. Its a pain to get the drip tip to meet the cap on the atty head. It leaves a little gap, letting juice pour out through the drip tip. Ive taken it apart probably 2 dozen times to orrect this, the best I can […]

My juice tastes different?

Husband picked me up an eGo CTwist 1100 mah. My juice tastes different on it and his smells burnt! Brand new coils in kanger t3s tanks. Could it be the voltage?

I am so mad at myself.

So I had an analog today at work. I haven’t had one in over 2 weeks and today I caved and had a smoke. While smoking it, I realized that it wasn’t even that good. It tasted horrible (vape is so much better) and now I am so disappointed with myself. I really can’t complain, […]

VW Coil Resistance

Well, I read a thread yesterday that had a link to an article regarding the difference between VW and VV, and I wanted to ask this question on that thread but now I can’t find it… so here goes.   I’ve decided to try a VW machine.  Based on what I’ve read, I am lead […]

Laissez Bon temps rouler!

Day off with my pups and resting before Mardi Gras weekend parties…well we try but never the same as home..Sunny and warm so grilling up a small steak and frites for lunch…but what to vape after?? Hmm Guess I try that Sazerac I blended with ECBlends whiskey, Murdocks pluid, and a bitters and lemon a […]


The battery my dad gave me is totally and completely dead. As in— it WILL NOT charge at all. Thank goodness my hubby has an extra and we are gonna go get spinners today.

What size batteries to use pls help?

Hi this is probably going to sound stupid so I apologise in advance,but if anyone has the innokin 134 mini, what batteries do you use for both the extender peice that makes it compact and the normal size because I’ve heard a couple of different sizes one site says 18350+ 18470 and another site says […]


Having the first and hopefully last issues with my nautilus. I wrapped a micro coil with cotton for the nautilus last night. It reads 1.4 on the ohm meter. Vaped fine all night and woke up this morning with hardly any vapor production and a strong throat hit. I mean it’s choking me out here.its […]

Leak Issues… Recommendations?

I did tons of research and worked my way up learning the various batteries that would work for my needs.    I started with a V2, which I really loved the flavors most of their premade cartridges, but they weren’t strong enough to satisfy my nic cravings.   I then went to the V4L Titans, […]

Wick or Wickless

I am completely new to vaping.  I have a few questions, the ecig i have now has a wickless clearomizer tank.  I have seen some that has wicks.  Which is better?? Also my clearomizer has only been lasting about 2 weeks.  Is this normal?? After 2 weeks time i am not getting a good hit, hardly […]

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