This just isnt running right.

I’m noticing the output end of my egos are getting VERY hot durring use compared to what I’m used to. With the Kanger, I just figured its because I vape that at 4.7, 4.8 volts, but it’s getting hot on my other tanks at 4.0 volts. I’d say it gets about as hot as an […]

Problem with Maraxus Mod and Protank 3

My new Maraxus Mod clone came in today, and I was very excited to try it out with one of my Kanger Protank 3’s (only tanks I have). Much to my chagrin, they don’t immediately play very well with the Maraxus. See, the Maraxus has an odd center pin. It’s not flat like most I’ve […]

Help with ihybrid

New to vaping and I recently bought an ihybrid from a local vapor store. They set it up for me and everything worked great, for about 4 days. Now it completely stopped working. Batteries are charged, juice is full, but when I click the button on the bottom there are no signs of it working. […]

VAMO V2 please help

I just got one of these and am using a vivi nova tank with a 3 ohm coil, only hitting at 3 volts and it taste very burnt, please he a newb

kpt2 clone unit heads :) yes i know double post just reaching out farther.

ok so i bought a set up for my brother off fast tek to try and get him to stop ciggs and switch, evod 1100 mah spinner along with a kpt2 clone or  knockoff if you will ( didnt want to spend alot because not sure really if he will make the jump) anywho the […]

vamo issues

so button tops work fine but flat tops do not i think its the spring, anyway where can i find a spring for this.  

What is the amps for and is 2.5 enough for most things?

I was wondering about this as I seen the new version of the ego Revolution or whatever it is and that is its amp limit. I was going to be using dual coils up to 1.5 ohms and no less than that and no triple coils as of yet. Also I was wondering about a […]

New to E-cigs

Hi all! Im from Htx, and I’m fairly new to e-cigs. I’ve bought a couple generic ones from local smokeshops, but none of them are very good. I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions on what I might want to pick up? Thanks!

Working out and Vaping

Does anyone here regularly work out at the gym? What have been your issues or successes with it? I worked out today and felt pretty out of breath. I’ve only been Vaping for a few days. Before this I wasn’t smoking cigs. Do ecigs typically cause the same chest and lung symptoms as smoking analogs?

Whoa Buddy! Anyone have one of these?

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