And we thought my luck was good

I have been waiting so patiently (not really) for SweetVapes to have a holiday sale or codes. Well, here it is, 20% off hardware and I think 30% on juice. The bummer is the sale is until Monday only. I get paid every other Friday and this Friday was not my payday Friday. Dang, I […]

Vision battery!

Is vision a good brand, I have a twist, 1300mah 4.8V Max

Cheap ecig site!

http://www.healthcabin.netThey have the cheapest fluids I’ve seen 2$ for 10ML bottles, thought someone might appreciate it.

Painting my ecig help.

Could I paint my battery? And if so what would I do to paint it, I know how to do a powder coat and I can do that on my tank, but I’m still kinda unsure if I can paint my battery will it mess it up, or would normal paint or spraypaint work on […]

Threadding – What did I **** up?!

I have an eGo twist. It has a 510 thread, right?! Then why doesn’t this adapter work?!http://www.v2cigs.com/products/universal-adapters-2pack#.UpkKWbWJDAQ   I have a **** ton of leftover V2 cig cartridges and I’d like them not to be wasted! *frustrated*

do ecigs cause dental decay?

do ecigs cause dental decay?

Straight battery stick output?

Okay, I should know this.  Part of my mind DOES know this, but I can’t access that memory the past few days.  What is the standard battery output of your regular stick batteries, like your eGos?   Granted, I’m sure my issues are my particular taste related today, but this is information I should probably […]

Electric heat SUCKS!

My little eGo makes really nice, satisfying clouds… except when the electric heat is on. I can barely see it, and its putting a damper on my vaping experience. Dry skin, dry eyes, no cloud, I hate electric heat.

Vaping geeks :)

Funny article   http://ejuiceconnoisseur.com/2013/11/27/you-may-be-a-vape-geek-if/

Happy Thanksgiving Vapor Talk

I want to wish everyone on Vapor Talk a Happy Thanksgiving. I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to all those VT members who have helped me successfully quit analogs and for helping me improve my vaping experience over the past 8 1/2 months. I’m missing Thanksgiving this year (overseas) so please have […]

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