Gauging wattage with a kick

Alright so I got my kick in the mail yesterday. It’s awesome! I have no idea how to gauge where I’m at though. It’s a singelie one. There are 8 indicator marks, but the website says it’s from 5 to 15 watts. Have you guys come up with a method to figure out where exactly […]

Any suggestions on which tank I should buy

I know I am behind times but I am just now able to buy a Protank 2 but when I went to SweetVapes to order one I saw the new Kager Unitank. This tank can be filled at the top too. It will be awhile before I have the money to buy another tank so […]

1 year anniversary of vaping ! YAY

1 year anniversary since i started vaping YAY!! (and in 1.5 weeks 1 year since smoking). Thank god for e cigs. i feel so much better.

Mini Box Mods

Has anyone come across an all-in-one (batt + tank + carto, only drip tip protrudes ala Billetbox) mini box mod? 

Best setup I have ever had!

I found an idea online to use a stainless steel cable as a wick.  It rocks the vapor like nothing I have ever experienced before.  The flavor that comes from it is better than cotton or a mesh wick.  I have it setup in my RSST with a 1/8 inch diameter cable with a 1.8 […]

Couple Kanger clearomizer questions

Okay couple Kanger T3S/MT3S questions.    First off – http://www.thevaporroom.net/kaego3mlmebo.html this looks EXACTLY like the MT3S, as far as I can tell, but the closest it says anywhere close to an actual name is tabac.  Reason I was looking at it is because of the price.   But then, that brings me to my second […]

Vaping in the car

Just recently purchased a new jeep and I vape in it windows up. anyone know if it causes that foggy residue ciggs cause?

Zombies vs Vapers

Wanted to share an awesome video i found on YouTube about zombies (cigarette smokers/gov. trying to ban ecigs) and vapers:  Enjoy

I made a short comedy sketch about e-cigs. Hope you like it.

Vision Spinner has me spinning

I literally just purchased the Vision spinner 1100mah (rainbow) Now I’m confused as to which clearomizers works best with it??? PLEASE HELP

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