Kanger T3s

I’m thinking about buying some T3s’. I like my kanger protank a lot, but I can’t afford to buy a bunch of then at once. What do you guys think of the T3s? Does it have any leaking issues? I know I’ve asked this before but I searched for it and absolutely nothing showed up…

Does this annoy anyone else?

So I was at the Hospital and noticed this sign. I understand the cigarettes and dip, dippers spit all over the pavement out front and it’s kinda nasty, but why the e cig? It doesn’t hurt anyone?

Blade mod,how is it?

No bottom and push system. anyone have bought it?

A going on 5 month journey…

to find my perfect vape, in pictures, from left to right. We’ve come a long way baby!


Is there any reason a liquid from one supplier would fill the tip with condensation after a very short use and another would not produce a drop after vaping a half a tank? I use a lot of clear mouthpieces and there is one particular suppliers liquid that produces a huge amount of condensation and […]

Wattage vs Voltage

OK I understand with the Vamo I can set it to wattage instead of voltage. How does that work? I mean, I am not an electronic guru at all so explain it like I am a child. With all my liquids I vape some at 2.2ohms @ 3.7-3.8v and others I use 2.5ohm @ 4.0-4.2v. […]

ReadWrite.com: "The E-Cig Traveler: To Vape Or Not To Vape (And Where)"

Wanted to pass this on, considering how little the traditional tech press covers e-cigs. Thought this might be a good primer for newbies traveling this weekend with their vapes:    The E-Cig Traveler: To Vape Or Not To Vape (And Where)     It covers a couple of the recent developments, though it’s not a […]

Help again

I’m thinking about placing another order tomorrow as you have read I want the spinner 1300 but I need a battery that’s thicker than my eVod battery because my hands cramp up so bad I think it would be easier to hold. Not sure on that. Also now I’m using the pro tank 2 which […]


Having used Davide Minis for close to a month, today I started to get a “funky” taste from one of my liquids. I put in a new coil, but the taste is still there. I have never “cleaned” my tanks since starting to use them new, and I really didn’t do it then either. The […]

Flying Revisited

A couple of weeks ago I flew Malaysian Airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Phuket.  My pv (ego twist with vivi nova) scanned through security with no problem along with my zip pack of extra batteries, charger, liquids, and backup tanks.  Then as we were taxiing toward the runway, the co pilot came on with the […]

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