ITazte MVP Mod

Hey all!  I just bought an iTazte MVP Variable Voltage unit.  I’ve honestly got to say, this is one of the best personal vaporizers I have ever owned.  Vapor production is absolutely fantastic, it’s really simple to change the voltage, and the battery has a ridiculously long life.  Plus, it can double as a pocket […]

Vamo v2 questions….

Just picked this mod up and I couldn’t be anymore impressed about a device!   It comes with no instructions and operating info is sketchy on the web. I have a few questions that I’m not 100% sure on.   1. When using the vv and vw settings is it correct thinking that it only […]

Waterproof E-Cig?

I have sort of searched but cannot find anything. As many of you know I am a huge boater and water person. From April till October we spend most Saturday nights and all day Sundays on our boat on the lake. A lot of the time we are in the water for extended periods of […]

Lapsing to Analogs When You Can’t Charge Your Battery

Has that ever happened to you, where you are busy all day and are unable to charge your batteries?  Usually I’ll at least pick up a 7/11 disposable as a back-up if my battery starts running low, but tonight I didn’t have the chance.  I was in the company of a bunch of analog smokers, […]

What is popular these days for the new users?

So I’ve been vaping for quite awhile. I personally use a mechanical mod with an rda as my daily driver. My father-in-law has been smoking the stinkies for a little over 30 years and his last report from the doc said his COPD is getting worse. We’ve attempted to convert him many times to ecigs […]


I am reading posts and making notes of what the members use to help me decide what I want to order next. I keep seeing T2 everywhere. Does T2 mean Kanger T2 or are there other brands of T2s.

Cut off times

I know this has been discussed but I tried and I cannot find it so I am sorry yall. Is there a difference in the cut off times of the Twists and the Spinners. I thought I read one was 10 seconds and the other 12 seconds. Is there anyway around having these cut off […]

when using your vv

depending on what my volts are set on with different juices i can hear a crackling sound. Usualy i turn it down so the sound goes away. can i burn something up if i left it that high. i hardly ever vape above 4.0v. thoughts suggestions or personal preferences please.

Liquid versus prefilled cartridges question

I am very new to vaping and have a question. Is it more cost effective to buy liquid or prefilled cartridges?

Clearomizer Cleaning

I’ve read and watched numerous blurbs with lengthy, time consuming methods of cleaning a cartomizer. I simply put a few squirts of Simple Green and purified water in a very small bowl, micro the soultion until it’s fairly hot but not so hot to distort the plastic, soak for a few minutes, use tongs to fill […]

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