Reomizer post question

Got my Grand and reomizer today, set it up and it’s hittin’ like a beast. Loving it. But on the reomizer, one post is taller than the other and it’s wire hole is not aligned straight ahead like the shorter post. Is this normal? Also, my coil is measuring at .8 ohms. Is this dangerous? […]

anyone know any E-cig Suppliers

I was just curious if there is anyone who knows anyone that supplies E-cigs to distributors? or where I should start looking to find a supplier?

Gus g22 vs v2

Which is better for non telescoping gus mod, the G22 or the V2?

Can’t taste juice

Hi all, I am Wondering if anyone has had this happen to them? I can’t taste much from my juice at all today. I have been vaping exclusively for just over a month with no issues and now my fav juice has no flavor at all and everything else is very muted even on the […]

How do you refinish a mod?

Anyone know if on the K-100 mod it is possible to remove the finish off the body tube to expose the bare metal color underneath?


whats a good RBA that doesnt eat up too much juice? Thanks in advance.

june vape meet

Hi. My name is Juliet. I work at the ecig crib uptown. I have some news to deliver "Hi gang…..we’re putting together a last minute meet on Sat June 8th. It will be held at The Cause….. Cause Spirits and Soundbar ยป Uptown Minneapolis’ premiere venue for live music, art, food and drink Also, The […]

Sigelei Mech Mods thread break up suggestion.

I was wondering if perhaps considering there are 30+ of these out or coming out, if maybe we should start having threads pertaining to each one. It becomes difficult to find solutions or questions with the current thread growing now over 183 messages long for say #8 or #20 or whatever number you may be […]

Burnt taste!! why..?

So i was using my Joyetech eRoll and i was vaping and everything was perfect, all of the sudden i get that Nasty burnt plastic/metal taste then i look at my tank and it was empty… so i figured if i fill up the tank, the burnt taste would go away, however it didn’t I […]

Mall Kiosk

Remember when the first electronic cig kiosks opened? In my city, most appeared to be operated by middle east folks– they’d blow vapor at you as you walked by talking canned sales speech. I never stopped because I wasn’t ready. Last night, I saw another and stopped. It was being operated by (not owners) by […]

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