carrying cases/holsters/e-cig holders

I’ve seen some creative e-cig holders and carrying cases.  I’d like to use this thread to describe or picture an image of what is out there.  You can purchase accessories on line but the best ones are homemade.  Here are a couple of mine.  I still need to make a special place for my eGo […]

ego c-twist

 im use to using the ego v v2 with lcd battery charge display. i just got a genuine ego c twist and it has no battery meter. its not a pass through so i cant tell when it finishes charging. does the power button turn a different color? i just dont want to ruin it […]

Vamo/nova trouble.

Just got my vamo and am loving it. My nova is working well unless I tighten it down snug. When it’s completely screwed down, not tight but just snug, the resistance drops from 2.4 ohms to .3 ohms. If I keep it loose it’ll read 2.4 ohms and work fine but it kind of flops […]

shipping question

Forgive me if this is a dumb question :facepalm: I’m trying to buy a Groove (.65 lbs) — but in my cart it still charges me for shipping. Shouldn’t this qualify for free shipping since it’s more than $67 and less than 13 ounces? Or am I misreading the "free shipping" banner on the site? […]

Vapor Alley

Ordered a Pro tank on Wednesday. It was shipped the same day and I got it this morning. Three days is AMAZING considering what our mail service here is like…usually ANYthing takes 5 days or more.

newby here gday all

hey new to this forum just wanna say hi from OZ

Sent wrong thing?

So i finally got my order. In it i had ordered a 5 pk desert joe and i got a 30ml bottle instead! not complaining its a better deal, but I dont have any blanks to put joe in. is this a normal substitution?

Carto length on eVic

How long does your cargo last you on your eVic? Mine seem to be going out after about a day and a half, whereas on my lava tube 2 they would last 5-7 days. I’m actually vaping at a lower voltage on the eVic too. Anyone else experience this?

Universal symbol for "Support Tobacco Harm Reduction?"

Last month, seeing all of the pink ribbons that symbolize "Support Breast Cancer Awareness," I started thinking THR needs a symbol like that. Something that can be made into pins, t-shirts, avatars, etc., that let’s us send a message. Yesterday, I started putting "pen to paper" and ran a few ideas past other CASAA directors […]

Gatwick security on regarding e cigs

Just got this reply from gatwick airport as I will be traveling with them soon, just thought I would share it here: There are no restrictions on these products and many of our customers travel through the airport with them every day, however the e liquid most not exceed 100ml and the container that the […]

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