Let it Steep? If I’m ordering from a vendor I don’t feel I should have to do their job for them!

Hello All, I’ve read a ton of ejuice threads on various vendors and I see comments about how you should let certain vendors products Steep. I know as a consumer I don’t want to purchase something and then put it in a dark place for two weeks before I’m able to enjoy my purchase. Vendors […]

Provape can i adjust with watts instead of volts?

Hi, i was wondering if i can adjust my provari 2.5 by watts like the vamo? or is it only adjustable by volts?

NYC Vape Meetup – And a Chance to Help With a Major Media Article on Vaping

We are having our NYC Vapers monthly meetup as scheduled on Thursday February 28th at 8PM EST. Here is the great news: Andrew Couts, tech journalist for Digital Trends, will be attending the meetup to help him compile information on an upcoming article he is writing about vaping. I’ve talked to Andrew a bit, and […]

Dead Mouth

Ok I am a bit freeked out. I started e cigs about 2 weeks ago. Loved it off the bat, haven’t touched an analog or snus since I began. However, for the past 3 days, I can’t taste my juice. Get tons of vapor. A TH. Just a basic blah taste. Thought it was my […]

A perspective on e-cigs from convenience stores

Found this, one guy in the industry thinks BT will be the big player in e-cigs! Flexibility a Must in Managing OTP Category – Tobacco – Convenience Store News

are there any carto tanks yet that are easier to refill?

I’m guessing advancements are being made but I’ve looked at the main vendors I use and the refilling portion of it hasn’t seemed to come very far. I’m guessing there is some cool stuff out there but I obviously don’t know where to look. I heard about tanks that had holes in the top just […]

No Idea, need help . . .

I have been off cigarettes for 8 months. Lately I have gained 10 pounds and want to smoke. I moved my nic back up to 18mg from 12mg (started at 18mg). I was very happy with vaping before and have no idea why all of a sudden I am having problems. I did smoke for […]

Types of Vaper?

I consider myself as an average to heavy vaper. I consume a 10 ml of 6mg nic in a week. My ecig is always nearby and I take a few 3 to 4 sec drag in every 15 mins or so. But how much is too much (heavy vaper) or how would you define an […]

New Edition :)

Got it today! Attached Thumbnails  

Should I refill when my juice gets syrup-like?

As my 3ml tank gets down under 1/2ml, it looks quite viscus, like syrup. So far, I have just been topping it off. But, now I wonder if that is the best choice. I am guessing that somehow it is distilling the juice, and leaving behind some component of the juice. But, I don’t know […]

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